Yoga For Chronic Back Pain (DVD) There are so many people who can not do yoga because they have chronic back pain and it simply hurts them too much to even sit on the ground with their legs crossed.  It is for them that I created this therapeutic Yoga sequence specifically to help with mild to chronic back pain. The back is like the trunk of a tree, if you keep it strong and flexible it can weather any storm. Many aspects of Yoga make it ideal for treating chronic back pain  there are  a large variety of poses and movements that were developed and perfected over thousands of years of Yoga history in order to align, heal, and strengthen the back and spine specifically. The 19 exercises and yoga poses in this DVD are designed to release the vertical pressure on the back bones allowing more nutrients to reach the disks to help them heal. This is a very safe and easy routine in which your back is always being supported either from a prone or supine position, or on all fours, while doing the exercises. I guarantee that this Back Care DVD will be all you need for maintaining proper back health for a life time. You need to be conscious of and take care of your back for all of your life, this one DVD contains the safest most effective yoga exercises with which you can keep your back strong and flexible for a life time. The importance of a strong and healthy back can not be over estimated, the most important physical structure in your body is your spine, it is literally your life line. I urge you to stop suffering needlessly please if you have chronic back pain get started right away with my Back Care DVD. This is a vital and very important yoga program for mild to serious back problems and you must begin treating your problem as soon as you can. I know this Back Care DVD will become an important part of your life, it will help you to live more fully and stay vibrant and youthful at any age. There is a donation button below if you would like to buy this DVDs but remember to include your choice of DVD with your order. I send you your DVD myself the same day I recieve the order or the next day. TO PURCHASE “BACK CARE FOR CHRONIC BACK PAIN DVD” $30.00 PLEASE CLICK HERE: