Life can be overwhelming sometimes at any stage in your life especially when you are at an important crossroads and must choose a career, a vocation, a profession, one that that will hopefully bring you true fulfillment and happiness you desire. I know that this is often one of the most difficult choices you will ever have to make and is an occasion when you would seek council. What I provide in my the Tarot Career Readings is a means by which you can access your own higher mind, that super conscious witness that is your higher spiritual self, as well as the legions of spiritual guides that you have that we all have who are always ready to serve you. The tarot is a sort of psychic bridge that helps me to contact your spiritual advisors to ask them thier best advise for you. After I create your reading I put it onto an audio file and attach it to your personal email to guard your privacy.

The idea of a “LIFE PATH READING” may not be about choosing a career or resolving career or financial issues specifically but it would be more about not knowing what it is that you should do with your life. If you have been asking yourself what road or path should you follow in order for you to achieve your highest possible potential within the framework of the life and body you were born into. Or you could simply be wondering about your spiritual evolution and how you can bring about a higher more spiritual expression of your soul while living in the material world. The Life Path reading therefore can be a very intimate kind of reading containing \ deep psychological insights at times that can help you to come to understand your own being more clearly.
The Career Reading and the Life Path Reading allows  you to submit 2 questions. Please meditate on your questions before you send them to me via my email its important to be clear and honest. All reading are private.  Once I receive the questions I will let you know how long before you receive your reading. I look forward to helping you the best I can.
Love and Faith


Price For The Life Path reading is $75.00