All DVDs Filmed In Hawaii and Taught By Ava 2011-11-13_15-13-19

This Yoga sequence of poses and movements are the world’s most effective Yoga poses and stretches for stress. These very gentle yet powerful stretches are guaranteed to release physical tension and mental anxiety. I demonstrate this sequence of therapeutic poses and stretches beside a beautiful waterfall in a remote location I found by accident many years ago while hiking in Maui, Hawaii. Above me was a native wild rose-apple tree from which little white blossoms floated to the ground all around me as I taught. A perfect location to relax and let go of tension. Stress and tension usually hides in the shoulders, neck and facial muscles, the stretches in this DVD target these areas specifically and release the bound up energy that may be creating pain, fatigue, headaches and sleeplessness. As a beginner you may also consider using this gentle stretching sequence as your first introduction to Yoga. I provide a handy menu from which you can navigate to individual poses or watch it in sequence so you can do as much of the sequence as you can. This class is one hour-long. I also include eye exercises which are a very effective for correcting vision problems as well as releasing stress. At the end  I included a never-ending loop of just the waterfall itself , the sound of falling water will help to induce a state of deep relaxation. Click Here To Purchase “THE WATERFALL 20 STRETCHES FOR STRESS” $30.00